Advantages of Testing with Selenium

Selenium Training in Chennai

Selenium is most widely used automation testing tools to test the software, it is the testing framework that makes robust and browser-based regression automation testing that can be controlled by the different programming language. In selenium testing process the test will be written in the format of HTML tables and run in a straight line of web browsers. Selenium classroom training is the best way to learn automation testing stuff, if you want to become a great software tester, you must learn the certification from the leading Selenium Training in Chennai,  selenium certification program that teaches you the effective methodology for building test. Before enroll into the Selenium certification, you must know the benefits of Selenium so that you will enjoy learning selenium with more interest.

  1. Free and Open Source

Selenium is completely free, open source and portable tool. It can be freely downloaded from the internet and the support for it, Selenium community is consistent and growing.

  1. Language Independent

The added advantage for using selenium for the tester, you can easily work with your preferred programming language, it can support a lot of programming language like Java, Perl, JavaScript, Ruby and Python, People who go for selenium, there is no necessity for learning another language. They can go with their own programming language to work on Selenium, Language only to start controlling browser testing.

  1. Easy to Learn

Selenium is really easy to learn and use, it can be easily understood for the non-IT peoples. You can get a lot of technical support over the internet. Once you learn Selenium Training, get technical support and tutorial over Youtube, StackOverflow and software testing communities.

  1. Support Various Operating Systems.

Selenium can easily work with multiple operating systems like UNIX, Linux, Windows, Mac etc., in selenium testing, the tailored testing suit can be produced over several platforms and then executed on another one. For example, you can create your own test cases using the Windows operating system and run it with simple on a Linux-based operating system.

  1. Ease of Implementation

Using selenium you can easily build and execute test case effectively with the help of Selenium user-friendly interface. The Selenium open source features that help the users to script their own extension that create them easy to build up customized actions and even control at an advanced level.

Many advantages that offer Selenium than other testing tools in the current market, either software testers or other technical people can learn Selenium to get the highest pay in this demand technology, for learning Selenium Testing Training make call @ 9345045466.

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