Quick Overview of Google Cloud

resources of cloud computing
Introduction: You may manage your Google Cloud applications and services by using the Google Cloud Console, which is an internet graphical user interface. In this blog let’s discuss the overview of google cloud. This overview is provided to help you in evaluating the Google Cloud environment as a whole. To learn more about Google cloud join Google Cloud Training in Chennai at FITA Academy with Certification and placement support. Resources of cloud computing: Physical assets such as virtual resources like virtual machines, as well as CPUs and hard disc drives, are all kept in Google's sto...

Reasons Why is Python So Popular

why python programming?
Python is one of the languages that continues to rise in popularity year after year. Python will outperform all other programming languages by 2020, according to Stackoverflow, since it has become the world's fastest-growing programming language. Here, in this blog we will discuss about Why Python and its importance. To learn more about Python Programming language, join FITA Academy for the best Python Online Course with Career guidance and worthy certificate. 1) Simple to Understand and Apply The Python programming language is generally easy to learn and use for novices and beginners. Pytho...

Advantages Of Mean Stack

Mean Stack Technology
Introduction: MEAN Stack is an end-to-end script built on Java Tech. It's a programming language for creating web applications. MEAN and MERN stacks are now rivals since each has its own set of features; MEAN Stack is a popular choice among small and medium businesses because it is cost-effective and works with the AngularJS framework. In this blog let us Discuss the  Advantages of Mean stack. If you want to know More about Mean Stack Programming Language join Mean Stack Training in Chennai at FITA Academy with placement assistance. Benefits of Mean Stack: Creation of Open Source So...

5 Reasons Why DevOps Is Important?

Why DevOps?
What is DevOps? To different people, DevOps means different things. The majority of businesses define it in terms of how they utilise it and how it benefits them. DevOps, according to Microsoft, is the fusion of people, processes, and products in order to give value to end customers. The term DevOps was created by combining the concepts Development –Dev- and Operations –Ops. It refers to the creation of multidisciplinary teams that collaborate and work together using common knowledge and processes to replace siloed development and operations teams. DevOps is, at its best, a philosophy, a c...

Why Pointers are not used in Java?

Java Certification
Why isn't the pointer notion used in Java? The majority of research believe that pointers are one of the most important aspects that allow programmers to introduce problems into their programs. When Java was designed, the goal was to build a language that was simple to learn and free of the flaws that plagued C++. It's not like in C/C++, where we have to use destructors to control memory. For memory management in Java, an automatic garbage collector is used. Actually, all Java references are pointers, so pointers are the sole way to retrieve data in the language. This blog may help you to kno...

Selenium WebDriver: Applications and Uses

Selenium Course
Selenium Webdriver is a sophisticated tool for programmatically managing a web browser. It is compatible with all major browsers, runs on all major operating systems, and has scripts written in a variety of languages, including Python, Java, C#, and others. Selenium Webdriver is a popular automation tool among programmers all around the world. So join Selenium Training in Chennai for the better career in future. Here, in this blog We will discuss about "Selenium is an open-source web browser automation tool that is used for automating software testing. This blog is all about "Selenium WebDrive...

How to Become a Software Tester: A Step-by-Step Guide

Software Tester
Do you want to start a rewarding career in technology? You've arrived to the right location. Today, testing is an essential component of software development initiatives. It's impossible to produce great digital products without putting them through rigorous testing both before and after launch. From the beginning, the finest software development teams include testers and QA engineers. What is software testing? Software testing encompasses a wide range of actions aimed at determining if a software system's actual outcomes match those intended. Another purpose of software testing is to ensu...