Benefits of using AngularJS for web development

AngularJS Training

Angular JS, famous JavaScript frameworks which gained the drastic familiarity in short span of time. It is managed by Google to reduce the risk of testing and development process across the world. It was developed to face the challenges during the development process and to give the excellent result to the customer via integrating HTML programming and modules in the framework. It is built on the architecture called MVC and it is used to build rich internet applications. It helps to make the website responsive and dynamic. Website development using angular JS becomes easy for the developers to use.

This methodology focuses mainly on improving performance and testability through DOM (Document Object Model). The features which it offers are dependency injections, two way data binding, directives, MVC architecture etc. to build an effective web app.

Advantages of using AngularJS for web development

  1.    Enhanced Design Architecture

It works perfectly when it comes to handling different components and complex requirements to manage heavy web applications. Beginner level developers can easily understand the coding structure and functionality. It is definitely worth to learn AngularJS Training in Chennai and make use of your knowledge in the next web development project.

  1.    Ease of Development

It helps to deal with client side modules and likewise, you can handle them on the server side. UI designers found out easy to work with AngularJS.

  1.    Play components and Easy plug

If you are in a situation to use the existing component in a new web application, then copy and paste the code.

  1.    Speed of Development

Effortlessly you can Develop new apps with AngularJS which is an easy methodology. With the help of few attributes added with the component, you can develop the extremely fast app.

  1.  Two way Data Binding

This excellent feature of Angular JS is that it will be able to write a considerable amount of boilerplate code. This methodology handles the synchronization between the model in both ways write and DOM.

  1.    Quick Learning

To become an expert in Angular JS, the prerequisites skills are JavaScript and JQuery. The people who are interested to learn AngularJS Training with the required skills can learn easily within a day.

  1.    Less code

In Angular, you cannot write MVC pipeline code. It can be generated using simple data models.

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