How to improve the user experience in the Android APPs Android P

How to improve the user experience in the Android APPs Android P

Action based App

As like the Alexa skill in the Amazon Google created Google assistant with the action based app. The touch of a button or voice is the action which completes your operations in the Android phones. Android P in the Google is customizable. The Google makes the app to talk directly with the apps. The actions and slices from Android Pare for the action based functionalities and the UI design pattern for the enhanced user experience. These designs are called Conversational designs. The Android Training in Chennai provides practical oriented training with java and kotlin programming languages to the aspirants.

Location-based services

The platform support in the Android P with IEEE 802.11mc Wi-Fi protocol helps to position your app properly as per the location. Within 2 to 3 meters the device shows the business services. With the help of the distance, the data privacy is encrypted. Location-based products and services are properly listed in the App with accurate information. Learn about the latest changes in the Android technology with Android Training.

Text-view in the Android APP

To solve the problem of the screen view in the desktop and the Android phones new pre-computed text is available in the Android P Jetpack. The pre-computed text from the Android API is available in the API 14 via Pre computed text compat. Android P provides security and back-up in the encryption for the client-side secret. The cloud-based technology in the Google supports for the backup with the help of the PIN, pattern or password in the Android P.  Android Course in Chennai provides the flexible timings for the intended learners.

Links in the content

The smart linkify is used in the linkify class to link with the Text classifier API. Machine learning algorithms and API are interconnected to check the link and change the operations into actions. Through the links reply to action is enabled. The API’s are designed to immediately respond to the messages. For example, if the API receives a phone number then it sends the message to the phone number. The image and the link also function in the Android P. Android O supported the notification from the channels whereas Android P blocks the channels and provides more security to the APPS. Android Training Chennai is the best course for the beginners.

Layout changes

On Android P there are three attributes to decide and design the height, baseline, and size of the content display. The distance between the boundaries, the baseline of the text, top padding, bottom padding are perfectly designed in the Android P. The layout in the Android P offers display cutouts for camera and speakers. With the help of the emulator in Android P, the layout design can be drawn and the size can be mentioned. So, the design and the size improve the quality of the image. The multi-camera supports the monochrome output with the YUV_420_888 format for the android phones. The external USB or UVC camera is also supported by all the devices in the Android P. Android P supports the animation and GIF also.

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