Introduction to E-mail Marketing

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What is e-mail marketing?

Digital Marketing Training in Chennai says that whenever a company or a brand has to convey some commercial message to its present or potential customers then the best channel for marketing is e-mail marketing. Commercial messages may include advertisement for the coming event or program, e-mails can be sent to acquire more business of expand business, e-mails can be even a good medium for getting customer feedbacks after the sale or service is given, this methods helps to build customer loyalty and has a personal touch which are preferred by many marketers. Thus, among all the methods of digital marketing, e-mail marketing is the oldest and strongest method. Though compared to the earlier type of email marketing the present trend has been changed.

Basically there are two preferred types of e-mail marketing which is followed by many marketers.

  1. Transactional e-mails
  2. Direct e-mails.

Transactional e-mails.

In simple words as said in Digital Marketing Course in Chennai all the e-mails which are triggered after a customer action can be called a s transactional e-mails. For e.g. whenever a customer buys something online then a bill of the purchase is sent immediately to the customer this can be considered as transactional e-mails. Here an e-mail is triggered after the customer has finished his shopping.  Similarly a password change request e-mail can also be considered as a transactional e-mail. Transactional e-mails are generally used by the companies in order to inform their customers that they have taken some action and to verify that the action is genuine or not.

Direct e-mails.

Whenever a company or a brand has to covey any promotional message to their clients then a direct e-mail method can be used. Direct e-mails’s sole purpose is promotion. Digital Marketing Courses in Chennai tells that whenever a company has a special offer or has introduced some products and the company wants to make its current customer aware then e-mails are used to market their offers/product.

Using e-mails for marketing has its own set of advantages and disadvantages which a marketer needs to go through while kicking off with the campaign. If you are interested in learning e-mail marketing then you must join digital marketing training institutes in Chennai where professional digital marketing training in Chennai is imparted.

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