Reasons Why is Python So Popular

why python programming?Python is one of the languages that continues to rise in popularity year after year. Python will outperform all other programming languages by 2020, according to Stackoverflow, since it has become the world’s fastest-growing programming language. Here, in this blog we will discuss about Why Python and its importance. To learn more about Python Programming language, join FITA Academy for the best Python Online Course with Career guidance and worthy certificate.

1) Simple to Understand and Apply

The Python programming language is generally easy to learn and use for novices and beginners. Python is one of the most approachable programming languages today, thanks to its simple syntax and lack of technicality, which allows natural language to take centre stage. Python codes are easier to understand and use than other programming languages, therefore they may be written and executed much faster.

2) Mature and Supportive Python Community

Python has been around for over 30 years, which is a long time for a programming language community to mature and expand to the point where it can accommodate developers of all skill levels, from novice to expert. For the Python programming language, there is a variety of material, guidelines, and video tutorials accessible that learners and developers of all skill levels and ages may use to increase their understanding.

Many students learn computer science completely through the Python programming language, which is also used for in-depth research projects. Learners of data science are always guided by the community.

If a programming language doesn’t have developer support or documentation, it won’t grow very quickly. Python, on the other hand, has never had similar issues because it has been around for a long time. The python developer community is one of the most active programming language communities. So join Python Training in Coimbatore to enhance your programming skills.

3) Hundreds of Python Frameworks and Libraries

Python includes good libraries that you may use to pick and save time and effort on the initial development cycle, thanks to its corporate sponsorship and large supportive community. Many cloud media providers also provide cross-platform support through library-like tools, which can be incredibly useful.

4) The Python Language’s Flexibility

The Python programming language is so versatile that it allows developers to attempt new things. An expert in the Python programming language is not confined to building similar things, but can even try to create something new.

Python allows programmers to create any type of application they want. Other programming languages do not provide this level of freedom and flexibility by learning only one language.

  1. Automation

The Python programming language may help a lot with task automation because it comes with a lot of tools and modules that make things much easier. It’s remarkable to think that with only necessary python programmes, one may easily achieve sophisticated levels of automation.

Python is also the best performance booster for software testing automation. Writing codes for automation tools takes a fraction of the time and requires a little number of lines.


Some of the reasons why is python so popular. We hope that this essay has thrown some light on the Python programming language and its significance. So, if someone asks you “why python programming?” you’ll be prepared with an essay response.

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