Selenium WebDriver: Applications and Uses

Selenium CourseSelenium Webdriver is a sophisticated tool for programmatically managing a web browser. It is compatible with all major browsers, runs on all major operating systems, and has scripts written in a variety of languages, including Python, Java, C#, and others. Selenium Webdriver is a popular automation tool among programmers all around the world. So join Selenium Training in Chennai for the better career in future. Here, in this blog We will discuss about “Selenium is an open-source web browser automation tool that is used for automating software testing. This blog is all about “Selenium WebDriver: Applications and Uses”.

The focus of this essay is on Selenium WebDriver’s Major Applications. In just 15-30 lines of Python code, you can automate your day-to-day operations like controlling your tweets, texting on Whatsapp, and even Google without ever opening a browser.

Applications and Uses Selenium

Webdriver’s Selenium WebDriver is a tool for automating web application testing and ensuring that it functions properly. It works with a variety of browsers, including Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Safari. We can, however, automate testing for web applications solely using the Selenium WebDriver. Join Selenium Online Training to enhance your technical skills in Testing domain.

Open Source and Portable: Selenium is a Web testing framework that is both open source and portable.

Selenium is a bundle of tools and a DSL (Domain Specific Language) that may be used to perform many types of testing.

Simpler to comprehend and implement: Selenium instructions are classified into several classes, making them simpler to comprehend and implement.

Less burden and stress for testers: As previously stated, the time required to test repeated test scenarios on each and every new build is nearly zero. As a result, the tester’s workload is minimized.

Cost savings for business clients: The business must pay the testers’ salaries, which can be avoided by adopting an automation testing technology. Automation not only saves time but also saves money for the company.

Increased test coverage: When Selenium is used, testing time is reduced, allowing the tester to test more test cases at the same time.

Reduce test execution time: Selenium allows parallel test execution, which cuts down on test execution time.

Selenium utilizes fewer resources than its competitors, such as UFT, RFT, and others.

Multiple programming languages are supported, including C#, Java, Python, PHP, Ruby, Perl, and JavaScript.

Multiple operating systems are supported, including Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, Mac, and Solaris.

Multiple browsers are supported, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, Opera, Safari, and others.

Parallel Test Execution: It also allows parallel test execution, which cuts down on test time and improves test efficiency.

A versatile Language : Once the test cases are written, they may be run on any operating system, including Linux, Macintosh, and Windows.

Selenium web driver does not require the installation of a server; test scripts interact directly with the browser.

We can confidently conclude that there is a high need for selenium Testers right now and that demand will continue in the future. Given what is selenium used for. According to numerous surveys, there is a significant demand for Selenium professionals. This demonstrates that the uses for Selenium field are here to stay, and its scope is expanding faster than we can anticipate. So now is the best moment to enroll in a Selenium Training in Coimbatore that will bring you along a lucrative professional path.

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