SEO Training in Chennai: Beginners guide to Search Engine Optimization

SEO Training in Chennai: Beginners guide to Search Engine Optimization

SEO, popularly called as Search Engine Optimization, it is an optimization techniques carried out on a website to get higher ranks in search engine results page (SERPs). Having higher rankings will ensure maximum online reputation and leads to a business organization. Here are some advantages of using SEO techniques.

  • Boost the volume and quality of traffic to a website from major Search Engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.
  • Fine optimizing websites based to search algorithm and what visitors are really interested in your business.
  • Tuning your website at par with industry standards.

Those who are planning for SEO, it is mandatory to under how the search engines really works. Getting training on SEO and digital marketing will help you to optimize your websites and get higher search engine rankings. Are you looking for best SEO Training Institutes in Chennai? Then, FITA Academy will be the ideal destination. Getting digital marketing training from certified professionals will help you to explore current marketing trend and to run successful marketing campaign. FITA Academy offer SEO Training in Chennai by experienced digital marketing professionals as per industry standards. With raising competition in online marketing world, there is huge demand for trained and skilled digital marketing professionals across the world.

How does Search Engine Works?

Search engines perform several tasks in ranking a website and deliver results. Here are some important activities performed based on Google algorithm.

  • Crawling: It’s the process of fetching web pages linked to a website. This task is performed by special software, called spider or crawler.
  • Indexing: It is the process of creating index for all the web pages and storing into the databases. Essentially, this process includes ranking a website for certain keywords and lists it in the search engine result pages (SERPs).
  • Processing: when a search request comes from the user, the search engine processes it. The search string is compared with indexed pages in the database and delivers results.
  • Calculating Relevancy: It is likely that one or more page contains the search string. The search engine calculate relevancy and try to deliver appropriate websites matching the search string.
  • Fetching Results: Getting best matched results are prime objective of search engine engines.

Major Search engines like Google and Bing often update their search algorithm to ensure better experience to all their users. Some time we can experience sudden boost or dip in rankings, mostly it’s because of algorithm update.

Why On-page and Off-page Optimization is Important?

Conceptually, Search Engine Optimization is divided into divided in to two categories.

On Page Optimization: It is the process of optimizing your websites elements based on the Google search algorithm. This optimization technique helps search engines to crawl and index your website for specific keywords.  It includes proper keyword selection, quality content, putting keywords in right position, title and description optimization.

Off-Page Optimization: It is all about getting quality link from domain with higher page rank and domain authority.  It can be achieved through proper link building by submitting to search engines, open directories, article submission, guest posting, blogging, social media profiles, social bookmarking, blog commenting, etc.

In the world of online promotion, the future is uncertain and it’s expected to change. Hence, search engine optimization and marketing will be top priority among business owners in promoting their business. Enrolling in Digital Marketing Training in Chennai @ FITA Academy will ensure better career prospects for aspiring professionals.

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