Web Design Training in Chennai – Key elements of Good Website Design

Web Design Training in Chennai - Key elements of Good Website Design

Websites are considered as virtual identify of business organization. It can be used as most effective platform to promote a business products or services targeting the global customer base. In the era of digital marketing, every business owners desire to have strong online presence for their business. Having professional looking, error free website with responsive design will boost your business online presence and brand reputation. Thus, it increases the demand of professional looking website catering the business or individual online promotional needs.

In recent years, web design and development is growing to be lucrative career option for both freshers and experienced professionals. Web Design Training in Chennai from reputed training institute will help you to enter web design and development industry with good salary package. Web design and development is all about implementing your creativity to design attractive and user friendly websites. When designing a website, you need to include various pleasing elements to make it attractive. Here are some important elements to build an attractive website.


The most important element in any attractive website is quality content. Your content is main reason that visitors come to your site.  It is badly written; your customer gets dissatisfied and immediately leaves your website. It automatically affects your bounce rate and user engagement. Your webpage must be well framed and provide truthful information to your visitors.  You need to include important details like contact, about, testimonials and portfolio pages in your website to make it attractive. Also, ensure that your website is updated with fresh content on frequent basis.

Visually Appealing:

We all know that first information really counts; this principle is applicable for websites too. The content in the website totally depends on how the visitors response to its appearance. Your website design must be neat, simple, but visually appealing. Blinking tools and pictures are disturbing, it may annoy the visitors. You can include attractive images and infographic to make your website visually appealing.

Responsive Design:

Nowadays, the portable gadgets are getting very popular all over the world. People want to access almost everything in their fingertips. It leads to the expansion of smartphones and mobile internet. On the other hand, the mobile market is increasing at signification. It is important for business owners to have responsive website that offer smooth viewing experience on all portable devices with diverse screen resolution.

User Interface:

User interface is key element to consider when designing a website. The user interface must be clean that an average user will find easy to use and facilitate them to find whatever they need with ease. Navigation must be easy to spot and consistent through about the website. You can consider including sitemap in your website and try to include your entire webpages links on your homepages without ruining the visual appearance.

Content Layout:

The most common mistake done by the web developer is placing test over the backgrounds. It makes difficult for visitors to read the content. It is recommended to use black test on the white background, which is best combination for reading and easy remembering. You can split large blocks on content into smaller paragraphs and bullets to make it visually appealing. Ensure that your website have sufficient white space and use same fonts and backgrounds in all your websites.

Separate Design from Content:

The best site on the internet use XHTML and CSS to make it visually eye-catching.  You need to separate the design element from the content. Websites with more number of pages can integrate search tool to facilitate the users. This feature helps the consumers to find whatever they want with ease. You can make use of Google platform to make your site visually appealing.

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