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Web Design Basic

Creativity and innovation according to me is must for a web designer. Once they finish Web Designing Course in Chennai they need to work differently on every project they get as every client has different needs and the web site needs to be designed accordingly. From the time the concept of website has been started, and till now there has been many differences in the look and feel i.e. appearance but the main back end operation has only changed a bit. There are varieties of tools which a web designer uses according to the need of the client. The tools are changes and involved with time but the back end operation has been the same and will be the same because those are considered to be the foundation of web designing. Completing Web Designing Training in Chennai you would be aware of the fact that vector is used for web- formatted images and raster is used to create design prototypes, these are still used by many of the web designers.  There are basically two ways to create a web site, which is used by the designers one is the hand coded version which is also known as standardized mark-up, and another one is by generated by WYSIWYG (What You see Is What You Get). Now a day it has even become more important to build a website which SEO friendly.

Homepage Designs.

Earlier many web designing experts gave more emphasize on the home page. It was believed that the quality and richness of homepage would determine the quality of a website. Now the things have changed and some experts believe that the homepage is the least important page of a website.  The viewers directly go to the other pages of their interest and probably skip the homepage. Though inclusion of a sliding banner and rotating banner has become very important to showcase the services or products which are offered by the company or brand, but according to web designing courses in Chennai these should kept in mind the SEO friendliness of the website as the traffic of the website would be determined by the SEO friendliness of the website.

Some common techniques to be used by the web developer


Web design training in Chennai says that a web site should be built according to its target audience and be successful in conveying their message through their web site. It should be a perfect with necessary information and images. The marketing plans should be perfectly laid and should be implemented according to the laid plans. The effort to market the website digitally and to do SEO for the website is important for getting traffic.

User experience

When a user visits your website it should be interactive to keep him on the website. This can be achieved by writing a meaningful and relevant content. The navigation tools and social icons also play an important role to keep the visitor on the website. Giving a good user experience would tempt the visitor to visit your website more often, so more importance is given on building a perfect user experience in web designing training institute in Chennai.

Page layout

Page layout can be considered as a part of user experience.  When the visitor visits your website then the web page should be correctly aligned with legible fonts and alignment, this is an important aspect of any web site. The web designer further decides whether the layout should be same for all the web pages or should be different for all the web pages.  This can be decided by the client needs. The page layout should SEO friendly to get more traffic. The latest trend is creating a responsive web design where a website can be opened without compromising on the quality of the website on various devices of different sizes. This is commonly done using CSS.

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