What Is React JS And Features Of React JS

Advantages Of React JSIntroduction

React is a popular web development JavaScript library. Different names for ReactJS include React.js, ReactJS, and React. Today, many large-scale organizations use React JS (Netflix, Instagram, to mention a few). There are numerous advantages to utilizing this framework over other frameworks, and it has consistently ranked among the top 10 programming languages in multiple language ranking indexes over the last few years. If you want to learn more about React JS then join React JS Training in Chennai with certification and placement support for your career development.

What is React JS?

Facebook created the React.js front-end JavaScript framework. We utilize React to create composable user interfaces with declarative code that is predictable and efficient. It’s an open-source, component-based framework that’s in charge of building the app’s view layer.

  • The Model View Controller (MVC) architecture is used by ReactJS, and the view layer is in charge of handling mobile and web apps.
  • React is well-known for creating single-page apps and mobile apps.

Features of React JS

JavaScript Syntax Extension (JSX)

For many web developers, JSX is the preferred language. Although JSX is not required for React development, there is a significant difference between authoring react.js documents in JSX and JavaScript. JSX is a JavaScript syntactic extension. Using this method, we can write HTML structures in the same file as JavaScript code.

Unidirectional Data Flow and Flux

React.js is designed to only support data that is traveling in one direction, downwards. Additional features will be required if the data must travel in a different direction.

React includes a collection of immutable data points that are provided to the component renderer as HTML tag properties. The components cannot directly edit any properties, but they do support a callback method for doing so.

Virtual Document Object Model (VDOM)

In React, a virtual DOM is a memory-based, lightweight duplicate of the real DOM. Real DOM manipulation is substantially slower than VDOM manipulation because nothing is drawn on the screen. When an object’s state changes, VDOM updates only that object in the real DOM instead of the complete object.

When compared to alternative front-end technologies, which must update each item even if only a single object in the web application changes, this allows things to move quickly.


Due to the large community’s assistance, testing React apps is simple. Even Facebook has a little browser extension that makes debugging React much easier and faster.

Let’s have a look at some key ReactJS principles next.

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Advantages of Using React JS

  • React.js constructs a virtual DOM for itself. Because the JavaScript virtual DOM is quicker than the conventional DOM, this will increase app speed.
  • ReactJS aids in the creation of fantastic user interfaces.
  • ReactJS is search engine friendly.
  • Component and data patterns improve readability, making it easier to manage larger apps.
  • Other frameworks can be utilized with React.
  • The entire scripting environment is simplified with React.
  • It makes advanced maintenance easier and boosts productivity.
  • This allows for faster rendering.
  • The best part about React is that it comes with a script for creating mobile apps.
  • ReactJS has a large community behind it.
  • React JS includes a number of useful developer tools.
  • React is used by both startups and Fortune 500 enterprises.

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