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Since there is so much misunderstanding surrounding SharePoint in the marketplace, one of the most frequent queries is, “What exactly is SharePoint?” Although the SharePoint cloud is great, you are currently in the SharePoint mist. A mist is also unhealthy. So let’s deliver some clarity and dispel the gloomy cloud of ignorance. In this blog I am going to explain you about what is SharePoint in and also its uses in detail. If you want to learn more about SharePoint then join SharePoint Training in Chennai with certification and Placement support for your career development.

What is SharePoint?

First off, Microsoft SharePoint is a platform that can be customized rather than a finished good. Just consider mobile apps for Android and iOS. The platform is either Android or iOS, and programmers use them to create beautiful apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Consequently, the phrase SharePoint and SharePoint development are synonymous. To customize it specifically, you must collaborate with developers like Aufait Technologies and comparable businesses. Currently, SharePoint is used by around 190 million users worldwide.

The creation of numerous appealing internal and external portals is one of the most fundamental uses of SharePoint by enterprises. With merely a web browser like Edge, Firefox, Chrome, etc., businesses may handle, store, and access information thanks to the portals they build.

However, building portals is just one aspect of SharePoint. SharePoint’s capabilities go well beyond this. Any of the following may be implied when you hear the term SharePoint:

Microsoft SharePoint Server Online

Foundation for SharePoint

One Drive for SharePoint Designer

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Benefits of SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint provides a wealth of advantages for your business. By leveraging beneficial technology to unite the entire workforce, it transforms the workplace culture. We’ll go into these advantages in this part and examine how they improve a company.


SharePoint enables you to create intranet sites that serve as your company’s internal internet. Additionally, you may carry your office in your pocket thanks to your SharePoint intranet. As a result, carrying out routine business tasks is now achievable with the least amount of effort.


Security in any firm is of utmost importance. Nobody would compromise on their data security in this day and age of cyberattacks, hacking, and fraudulent operations. With SharePoint, the risk of information leaks is decreased because you are hosting through a single platform.

It provides strong security measures for document access, editing rights, etc. when it comes to sharing documents. To handle information at all sensitivity levels, various configuration parameters are provided.

It is especially helpful in professions where workers must adhere to stringent document control standards. These settings and audit policies are simple to develop with the aid of SharePoint.

Streamline Business Process

The beauty of collaboration platforms like Microsoft SharePoint is that by gathering all the data in one location, corporate processes can be streamlined. The SharePoint portal allows for the organization of all information, whether it relates to communications with clients, partners, or suppliers.

This has the benefit of assisting firms in making knowledgeable judgments, comprehending trends, and streamlining their company processes in accordance with them in order to save time, effort, and speed up operations.

Uses of SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is used by Fortune 500 firms for managing their daily operations, according to research. You might be wondering why these prestigious companies favor SharePoint. Why is it essential?

SharePoint’s significance may be ascribed to two things: first, its usability; second, the convenience it provides to organizations. As a platform for communication and a tool for managing paperwork, SharePoint enables organizations to efficiently integrate their process.

SharePoint unifies a company by streamlining internal operations with its broad range of technologies and integration capabilities.

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I hope that this blog helps you to get some valuable information about SharePoint. If you want to learn more about SharePoint, then join FITA Academy because it provides you with training from real-time working experts with certification and placement support for your career development.

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