Benefits of using AngularJS for web development

AngularJS Training
Angular JS, famous JavaScript frameworks which gained the drastic familiarity in short span of time. It is managed by Google to reduce the risk of testing and development process across the world. It was developed to face the challenges during the development process and to give the excellent result to the customer via integrating HTML programming and modules in the framework. It is built on the architecture called MVC and it is used to build rich internet applications. It helps to make the website responsive and dynamic. Website development using angular JS becomes easy for the developers to ...

Web Designing Course in Chennai

Web designing training in Chennai
Web design is the process by which we can design and maintain our website. Before designing a website the developer must understand the type of website they are designing. The most important task is to analyse the audience. The user will spend few second in scanning your webpage so it is essential to place our point in the first sentence of our website. In order to improve the quality of the website we can use the latest web standard like HTML5 can be learnt in web designing course in Chennai.  For designing a website it is essential to know about the HTML language. HTML which is abbreviated ...